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Ready to plan your Stratford experience? Look no further.
Find out WHAT’S ON, where to DINE, STAY and SHOP, plus what to SEE & DO in the area.
You’ll also want to EXPLORE, be FESTIVE and CREATIVE in Stratford.


View our full Events Calendar and see for yourself why we’re famous as a cultural destination.

For more information about Stratford Festival plays, forums, tours, and the Toronto-Stratford theatre bus, please visit stratfordfestival.ca.

Visit the current exhibits at the Stratford Perth Museum, daily from 10am-4pm and Gallery Stratford  Wed-Sun 12pm-5pm.

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DINE | Discover mouth-watering dining in a city with passion.

In Stratford, we’re proud of the magic and passion our restaurant kitchens prepare, on your plate and in your glass. We’re fueled by freshness, and our chefs are always pushing the limits to create world-class dining experiences.

Plant-based menu choices and hip restaurants deliver exciting, new-world flavours. Global trends influence dishes created with locally sourced ingredients. We take our culinary pursuits seriously, and there’s plenty of culinary vibes for all kinds of foodies. In between your meals in Stratford, we offer self-guided culinary trails to make the most of your culinary experiences! Choose from Chocolate, Bacon & Ale, the seasonal Savour & Sip, or all three, to explore our food city. Don’t just take our word for it, check out these posts about the culinary scene in Stratford.

Is your favourite missing or do you have an update for us? Please Contact Us to share the details.

STAY IN STRATFORD | Accommodations

Relax and stretch out in Stratford’s hotels, motels, inns, B&B’s and private suites. We are famous for our accommodations – from elegant Victorian mansions to cozy cottages, boutique inns, luxury hotels and above-street-level suites. Our welcoming hosts can’t wait to see you!

For guest room availability inquiries, please visit the individual accommodator websites for their availability calendars or contact them directly by phone or email.  The accommodation websites and contact information can be found on the accommodation map below.

Is your favourite missing or do you have an update for us? Please Contact Us to share the details.

SHOP | Unique treasures at one-of-a-kind boutique shops, only in Stratford

Do you sometimes get tired of seeing the same thing over and over? What if we told you there was a place full of unique treasures you can’t find anywhere else? Stratford shopping elevates your shopping experience. Check out our fashion stores for every style and esthetic, gift shops with lovable knick-knacks and funny gifts, art and cultural treasures, homeware and culinary supplies to spruce up your home, and so much more – shop year-round for holiday gift-giving. As you wander the streets you must pop into the shops that make Stratford unique.

Artists and artisans unveil new creations in their studios. And the theatre gift shops offer great prices memories of your visit. We thrive on creativity and many of our shops are a magazine stylist’s dream – from the funky to the one-of-a-kind – from that mid-19th century chandelier to the latest in shoes, hats and bags.

You will want to pause quite a few times for a refreshing latte on a flower-laden patio, a snack made with organic meats, salads or cheeses brought in that day from Perth County farms minutes away or to sample a cool pint made-in-Stratford. Our self-guided trails will also give you a first-hand look at our shops! Make sure to bring a shopping bag to take home unique foods – from the oodles of hand-made chocolates (we have three outstanding shops within one square block) to organic breads to Amish pies, preserves and dairy products from your roaming through our foodie haven.

It’s okay to cave in to your shopaholic desires once in a while, so let Stratford be the place where you indulge. For a list of downtown shops and boutiques, pop by Downtown Stratford BIA’s listing page.

STRATFORD & AREA SEE & DO | Attractions

We consider things to see and do to be an artform, literally. Our area is bursting with entertainment, art, animal encounters, activities, natural and historical attractions, food and drink experiences, farms and markets, and the G2G hiking trail. Days of culture and adventure await you on your next visit!
Is your favourite missing or do you have an update for us? Please Contact Us to share the details.

We can’t wait to see you!

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