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Please note that Destination Stratford is recommending the following travel advice as per the COVID-19 provincewide shutdown :

Stay home. Travel outside your region should be limited to only essential purposes.

Ready to plan your Stratford experience? Look no further. Find out WHAT’S ON , where to DINE , SHOP and STAY .


View our full Events Calendar and see for yourself why we’re famous as a cultural destination.

DINE | Discover mouth-watering dining in a city with passion.

In Stratford, we’re proud of the magic and passion our restaurant kitchens prepare, on your plate and in your glass. We’re fueled by freshness, and our chefs are always pushing the limits to create world-class dining experiences.

Plant-based menu choices and hip restaurants deliver exciting, new-world flavours. Global trends influence dishes created with locally sourced ingredients. We take our culinary pursuits seriously, and there’s plenty of culinary vibes for all kinds of foodies.

To help everyone share in our passion for good food, we launched our Al Fresco dining experience—an initiative by the City of Stratford to create safe dining spaces at various spots in the city. With spaces that fit over 200 people, you could dine outdoors with delicious takeout from Stratford restaurants. Every area featured umbrellas, hand sanitizer stations and waste and recycle bins.

We’ve got restaurants offering a variety of cultures and tastes waiting to be enjoyed under the sun or stars. In the warmer seasons, you can take these delicious meals to any of the designated Al Fresco dining locations around the city (you can find Al Fresco dining at Market Square, Memorial Gardens and on Tom Patterson Island).

SHOP | Unique treasures at one-of-a-kind boutique shops, only in Stratford

Do you sometimes get tired of seeing the same thing over and over? What if we told you there was a place full of unique treasures you can’t find anywhere else?

Stratford shopping elevates your shopping experience. Check out our fashion stores for every style and esthetics, gift shops with lovable knick-knacks and funny gifts, art and cultural treasures, homeware and culinary supplies to spruce up your home, and SO much more.

It’s okay to cave in to your shopaholic desires once in a while, so let Stratford be the place where you indulge.

STAY IN STRATFORD | Accommodations

Please note that Destination Stratford is recommending the following travel advice as per the COVID-19 provincewide shutdown :

Stay home.

Looking for a getaway close to home with great dining and live entertainment at your doorstep? We’ve confirmed these hotels, motels, inns, b&b bed & breakfasts, homes, apartments and suites are open and ready for your stay:

We can’t wait to see you!

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