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About Us

Stratford Tourism Alliance, operating as Destination Stratford, is Stratford’s official destination marketing organization since 2007. The Stratford Tourism Alliance is a government-funded organization with a purpose to develop, manage and promote “Destination Stratford” as a national and international tourism icon.

Managed by skilled and experienced tourism planners directly involved in the Stratford community, the goal of the organization is to strengthen the local economy and enrich the quality of life in the City of Stratford through tourism revenue.

Destination Stratford 2020 Year In Review Report

Destination Stratford 2020 Year In Review

2020 Annual Report 2019 Annual Report

To be the leading tourism marketing organization for Stratford, working collaboratively to enhance Stratford’s tourism experiences and to increase the quantity and quality of overnight visitors to Stratford and area for the financial benefit of the community at large.

The Stratford Tourism Alliance will:

  • Encourage individuals, businesses, local, provincial, national and industry associations or groups to work collectively and invest in and develop, market and manage tourism.
  • Finance and supervise the work of the organization through the solicitation and collection of monies from:
    • Stratford Tourism Supplement (STS)
    • Co-operative marketing investments
    • Sponsorships
    • Government marketing partnerships
    • Donations
    • Commercial activities
  • Act as an effective voice to all levels of government and the public, increasing awareness of the contributions of the tourism sector to the community and to create understanding of the industry’s needs.
  • Maintain high standards of product, service and training.
  • Report regularly and openly to tourism operators, contributors and the public stakeholders about the intentions, goals and results of the activities undertaken by the organization.
  • Establish systems and procedures for the efficient and effective operation of the Corporation.
  • Maintain offices and facilities required for the purposes of the Organization.

The Stratford Tourism Alliance’s primary marketing efforts are to:

  • Promote and capitalize on the Stratford brand. The Stratford brand is made up of all of the experiences and products that characterize the destination: the parks system; the heritage architecture; fine dining; unique events; cultural festivals and activities; sports activities; distinctive shopping and rural ambiance.
  • Ensure Stratford’s image is one of high quality. All public communication – ads, brochures, Web site – must be of the highest quality and reflect a consistent style and look. Operators in the industry are encouraged to support the quality Stratford brand.
  • Encourage tourism operators to subscribe to the highest standards of product and service and celebrate those individuals and businesses that demonstrate innovation and leadership in service and training excellence.
  • Build partnerships within the region, the province, the country and in the international marketplace.
  • Facilitate new product development and support programmes that create new demand.
  • Measure and track marketing initiatives. Marketing planning should be based on reliable and accurate data and all programs should be evaluated according to previously established goals. The industry should be encouraged to develop research data and share information.
  • Inform the community on the value of the tourism economy and issues that affect tourism.

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