2020 Stratford Visual Art & Insta-worthy Spots

Stratford Public Art Walk

Public art has sprung up throughout the city as early as 1897. Starting at Gallery Stratford, the artistic heart of the city, we invite you to explore the city using these twenty points of interest as your window into our cultural soul. PDF also available.

Top Insta-worthy Spots

Stratford is so full of beautiful and interesting backdrops for your pics that our top 10 list turned out to be 15 since we couldn't decide! Let our list get you started and then discover the other hidden spots along the way. PDF also available.

Click 2020 Art Walk or Top Insta-worthy Spots below, then click each location for a description including the name of the art, artist and a photo of the 2 or more pieces at each location (click each thumbnail to expand).


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