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Highlighting unique Farm-to-Table experiences within the region – Perth County Farms to Stratford Tables

Stratford and Perth County are known to rival larger urban centers with their impressive cuisine, diversity, exceptional chefs and fresh, local products; largely due to the close proximity to producers available year-round. Stratford’s creative culinary scene is also linked to the Stratford Chefs School, and the strong entrepreneurship and community pride within the city.

The latest video features local business owner, Anne Campion from revel; a popular café located in the heart of Stratford that delivers direct trade coffee and delicious pastries made in-house using local and seasonal ingredients. The video follows Anne as she visits TNT Berries, a family owned and operated Perth County berry farm located in Shakespeare, Ontario. While Anne carefully chooses the perfect blueberries with the help of TNT Berries staff, you get a glimpse of families enjoying an afternoon of berry-picking on a beautiful summer day. The blueberries are boxed up and transported back to the café with Anne where they are thoughtfully prepared into pastries and desserts.

The newly released video follows chef Arron Carley, Culinary Director at Keystone Hospitality, on a journey to Blanbrook Bison Farm; a Perth County farm owned and operated by Bruce and Shirley Mills in Perth South, Ontario for the past 30 years. The video shines a spotlight on Chef Carley and Bruce at the farm discussing the importance of learning the story and origin of locally grown meat and produce. The video captures Chef Carley personally picking up the bison meat from the farm, just 15 minutes down the road, and returning to the restaurant to be thoughtfully prepared and delivered to the table.

This video begins its journey at McIntosh Farms; a Perth County farm owned and operated by Erin and Shawn McIntosh who proudly provide pasture-raised meat and eggs to Stratford and Perth County restaurants, retail shops, and residents. The video takes viewers along for the journey, showcasing the diverse variety of local deliveries to chefs and business owners, ultimately demonstrating the close relationship between the restaurants and producers before the fresh, local produce is exceptionally prepared and enjoyed at the table.

Stay tuned for more videos in the series coming later this summer and fall; showcasing more Perth County producers and Stratford dining experiences. #EatLocal

Use our maps to help you decide on the Stratford dining favourites you need to experience and farm gate opportunities to visit.

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