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It’s all too easy to batten down the hatches and hibernate in depths of our winters. It’s been an especially trying few years for Stratford, both on a communal level and an economic level. The Stratford Winter Film Festival (SWFF) is a not-for-profit initiative conceived to take the edge off of the winter blues and get people out and about, rediscovering the terrific range of facilities, restaurants, hotels, and businesses that are so vital to the vibrancy of this “little big” city.

Programing, trailers and ticketing information is available here stratfordwinterfilmfestival.ca.
Festival Program

Stratford Winter Film Festival Adds to City’s Cultural Scene
The founders of Stratford’s Winter Film Festival looked at the community calendar in February and noticed a void in the middle of the shortest month.
Stratford Beacon Herald January 8, 2024

Inaugural Stratford Winter Film Festival coming this February
A new festival is coming to town just in time to pull us out of the winter blues that inevitably hit in February each year.
Stratford Times December 22, 2023 – page 28

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