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Treat yourself to a Pampering Spa Package at A B&B on Bay, Acrylic Dreams.  This begins with a half hour hands on Chair Massage which combines Acupressure, Shiatsu and Swedish style techniques to target releasing stress from key tension areas in the shoulders, back, neck, arms and hadns,  Clothing is not removed making it very convenient and accessible.  This is followed by a one hour blissful Reflexology treatment on your feet and lower legs while you are reclining comfortably in a four poster bed.  Hands on pressure  point therapy is used to stimulate the reflexes of your feet which correspond to every part, gland and organ of your body.  Imagine the delight of a complete relaxation experience.

$95.00 per person for an hour and a half session

Not enough time for both?

$35.00 for a half  hour Chair Massage

$65.00 for an hour long Reflexology treatment

Contact Karen Zamaria Certified Chair Massage Practitioner, Reflexologist and Yoga Instructor at  or 519-271-7874 to make your appointments.

Starts:April 14th, 2018

Ends:January 29th, 2022


“Stratford itself is the type of walkable wholesome town Rodgers and Hammerstein might write a musical about.”

- Amy Alipio, Associate Editor, National Geographic Traveler

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