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Stratford’s Prize-Winning Gardens

Come to take a deep breath and enjoy the peaceful beauty of our gardens. Stratford’s Avon River links five gorgeous gardens that fill spring, summer and autumn with colour. Here, we have created our own little Eden, and we want to share it with you.

The Shakespearean Gardens

This little jewel contains 60 varieties of herbs, flowers, and shrubs, all familiar to Shakespeare’s contemporaries and mentioned in his plays. Wander through knots of blooms and along the stone walls among fragrant rose gardens in this sanctuary just off the river bank. Download our audio podcast guide to the Shakespearean Gardens .

In the garden, you’ll come to our beautiful cenotaph . It’s an awe-inspiring monument to our fallen soldiers designed by the sculptor of the Canadian National Memorial in Vimy, France. We encourage you to take time to sit on a bench, meditate and appreciate this oasis in the very centre of our bustling town.

The Arthur Meighen Gardens

Located at the Festival Theatre, you’ll find a garden with dozens of fragrant rose arbours, water pools and tree-filled parks. These stunning grounds will provide you with picturesque views before or after a show—perfect for taking some photos to share on your social media pages.

Millennium Park

Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo? You may not find your beau on Romeo Street, but you will find a garden filled with water plantings, lit fountains, native trees and ornamental plantings—all set within an outdoor sculpture garden. You can find this at Millennium Park, which is what we like to call our town’s perfect Zen moment.

Confederation Park

If you head to Gallery Stratford , you find a set of pathways in a forested glade. This is known as Confederation Park . With its soothing waterfall and Japanese garden, it’s impossible to not feel relaxed with nature while strolling through. The best pictures are taken at this beautifully hidden oasis.

P.S. In honour of the 140th Anniversary of the Stratford Horticultural Society, a site dedicated to our gardens has been created. Check it out at stratfordgardens.com .

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