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The continent’s largest and finest theatre festival lives in Stratford, Ontario

Canada’s Stratford Festival brings visitors from all over the world every year to enjoy world-class theatre and musical experiences. And they’ve been doing it for nearly seven decades. Presenting everything from classic Shakespeare productions, to modern interpretations of Shakespearean works, spectacular dance musicals, and children’s shows, the Stratford Festival features performances by renowned Canadian and international writers, producers and performers. Performances are so great you’ll want to see them again!

The 2021 season has opened! Check their site for ticket details. While you eagerly await your next live visit, make sure you check out they’re new subscription platform, STRATFORD@HOME . This high-definition streaming platform features films of Stratford Festival’s own productions, featuring Shakespeare plays along with other entertaining content. Simply chill at home, pour a glass of wine and enjoy popular productions in the comfort of your own home.

There are a lot of new and exciting things to come, including the opening of the new Tom Patterson Theatre—a stunning venue that will support more performances than ever before. Say hello as you surround this engaging and intimate, yet epic, new stage.

But that’s not all the Festival offers. Complementing the shows is The Meighen Forum , which offers workshops, speakers, panels, meal events and special performances. And if you think that’s a lot already—wait, there’s more.

Go behind the scenes with a tour , check out their huge stash of costumes and props , gorgeous gardens or the storied Festival Theatre itself? Want to see an astonishing set change ? Wondering about their Archives ? If any of these sound like your vibe, make sure to check the Stratford Festival website to see when you can visit.

See you soon!

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