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Puck’s Plenty Foraging: Forage and Feast Pheasant Stew

On this Thanksgiving Weekend we take to the trails in search of the wild edibles of Mother Nature. Edibles such as Wild Watercress, Wild Carrot along with the mushrooms of Autumn: Blewits, Lactarius, Velvet Foot, Gem Studded Puffballs, Lepista Irinas. The list goes on and on. Then around noon we travel back to Stratford for a delicious lunch featuring Wild Nettle Gouda, baguettes from the Downie Street Bakehouse, Leek Soup followed by Wild Pheasant Stew. We’re using a classic French recipe this time that is less a stew than it is a coq au vin. The birds will be marinated in de-alcoholized wine for 3 days. Fully alcoholic wine can impart a weird, tinny flavor to the meat. Lots of herbs and a bit of brandy will be added to the broth. The result will be a tantalizing hybrid sauce. A salad of mixed greens will be served on the side. Dessert: A light pear flan.

Of course you will have a choice of red or white wines from the Niagara Region along with locally brewed craft beers.

Start time: 9:45 am
Where: Packham Sports Complex
Cost: $90 per person.

Tickets can be purchased through e-transfer or PayPal. For more information phone 519-271-3726 or email us at pucksplenty@gmail.com


Oct 07 2023


9:45 am




Packham Road Sports Complex
159 Packham Road, Stratford, ON


Puck's Plenty
(519) 271-3726