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Busy Hands Workshop: Illuminated Manuscripts 101 – What’s with All the Rabbits?

Supplies: All Included
Project: Illuminate and decorate a Shakespearean Sonnet
Price: $20.00
Location: Stratford Perth Museum
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Humans have been decorating things since pre-history, and shows no sign of stopping. A popular art form from the days of early writing is illumination, the art of decorating in and around written text. In this workshop, we will play with calligraphy, find out why there are so many rabbits being naughty in medieval illumination, see samples of illumination from around the world, and explore the crazy creatures that appear in prayer books and tomes, as well as create your own decoration around a sonnet in preparation for a Shakespearean celebration at the museum for Stratfords of the World Event and the Stratford Festival’s Spamalot production in 2023.
Workshop Leader: Desirée Kern
Desirée Kern is an artist hailing from Southern Ontario, specializing in several different media and genre including heraldry and surrealism, fantasy and more, and is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which has groups all over the world, joyfully studying and recreating parts of pre 16th century life. (The good parts.) Desirée shares drawing, heraldry, art history and surrealism with everyone she can. She is also an avid kayaker, traveller, and shenaniganizer. Fair warning to those in attendance – there will be jokes, the occasional strange story or tangent, and possibly the worst of unapologetic puns. (Ye be warned.)


Jul 08 2023


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Stratford Perth Museum
4275 Huron St, Stratford, ON N5A 6S6


Stratford Perth Museum
(519) 393-5311