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Open Kitchen | SCS Cooking Fundamentals | Roasting&Baking

Event Date: Sunday Jan. 26th, 2020

Event Time: 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Host: Stratford Chefs School

Contact: 519-271-1414


Open Kitchen | SCS Cooking Fundamentals | Roasting&Baking

Every week Level One students at Stratford Chefs School tackle one of the ten foundational methods of cooking. This is your opportunity to explore these cooking techniques as taught in Stratford Chefs School's renowned professional culinary program. This 4-hour, hands-on intensive class is perfect for the more advanced home cook or for anyone interested in examining a future career in the culinary arts.

Week 8: Roasting and Baking

Roasting is the most primitive cooking method, having been discovered by the time of the Neanderthals, but of all cooking methods, roasting is the only one to claim its own course in classic menu structure. The roast is given pride of place in the “triad” of meats that form the core of French haute cuisine meals. Although what we consider to be roasting now mostly occurs in enclosed ovens, roasting is distinct from baking because a certain degree of frying, due to rendered fat, occurs during roasting. This frying effect does not occur in baking. Additionally, in baking, a cooking vessel is invariably used. It can be edible (pastry crust), or inedible (pan, foil, or mould).  With instructor Eli Silverthorn.


  • Roast Lamb with Celeriac Purée and Pot Roasted Root Vegetables
  • Roast Monkfish with Savoy Cabbage and Bacon Butter Sauce
  • Coulibiac of Salmon
  • Black Bass en Papillote

Safety regulations require students wear closed toe shoes when participating in any cooking class.

This class has a maximum capacity of 14 students.

Classes are for students 16 years and older.

Participants will be provided with an apron and all necessary tools and equipment.

Menus, recipes and instructors are subject to change as required.


Cost: $85/Per person + a service fee

Location: Stratford Chefs School Kitchens, Stratford, 136 Ontario Street, Stratford



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