A Huron County Christmas Carol

Event Date: Friday Dec. 6th, 2019

Event Time: 8:00 PM – 10:15 PM

Host: Blyth Festival

Contact: 1-877-862-5984
Email: info@blythfestival.com


A Huron County Christmas Carol

Together, E. Scrooge, and J. Marley were titans of industry. Their shrewd, ruthless approach to business helped them build a Feed and Fuel empire that has acquired all the mills in the community and across the province, amassing a staggering fortune. Now the sole man in charge, Scrooge, (a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner) is unwilling to go on making deals with tiny family farmers (like the Cratchits of Holmesville) let alone supporting all these little local Lions Clubs, and Optimists, and IODEs and these unending wretched charities always walking around with their hands out. Honestly, are there no workhouses?
Scrooge’s miserly ways are challenged in the night by (you guessed it) three spirits. The first shows him his past (where he relives his boyhood in a lonely Goderich mansion, meets the love of his life at a CKNX Barndance, and jettisons it all in pursuit of filthy lucre). The second widens him to his present (where his faithful employee is scrambling to provide for his family, and Scrooge’s own organic farmer nephew is partying without him). And the last reveals his inevitable, impending encounter with the business end of Cemetery Line.
A tale of avarice, greed, regret and redemption. 
But, but wait - you there, what day is it?
With live original music by John Powers, a cast of actor/musicians, and a star turn at Scrooge, the play promises a down-home take on the holiday classic.
Special holiday show tickets go on sale when the summer season starts. Get yours before the end of the Festival season and receive a deep discount.
Come see the town when the twinkle lights are on. Adapted by Gil Garratt Songs by John Powers.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

Cost: $38-$43/A, $15/ST

Location: Blyth Memorial Community Hall, Blyth, 432 Queen Street, Blyth


Website: blythfestival.com

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