Hero's Quest Lunch

Event Date: Saturday Jul. 27th, 2019

Event Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Host: Stratford Festival

Contact: 1-800-567-1600
Email: orders@stratfordfestival.ca


Hero's Quest Lunch

RIDE, ARTAX, RIDE! In The Neverending Story, the hero Atreyu’s faithful steed, Artax, is a larger-than-life-size puppet with four puppeteers. Company member Ijeoma Emesowum leads a hands-on puppetry lesson, giving you the basics to help you work as a team and breathe life into some simple materials.

After the puppetry workshop, you’ll receive your CALL TO ADVENTURE: once you’ve completed any three of the seven challenges on the card, you’ll earn your place in the hall of heroes. The challenges require your concentration, dexterity, quick hands and teamwork, and can be accomplished by all ages.

Visit the craft station to DECORATE YOUR OWN AURYN, the protective medallion that helps Atreyu in his quest to save the Childlike Empress. Wear yours to the show!

When you need some sustenance between challenges, top your own personal pizza and decorate a dessert to fuel your next adventure.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

Cost: Various, please consult Stratford Festival website.

Location: Festival Theatre, Stratford, 55 Queen Street, Stratford


Website: stratfordfestival.ca

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