A Celebration of Stratford Festival Artists Exhibition

Event Date: Open Sun., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat. from Nov. 30th until Dec. 24th, 2016
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Event Time: 11 am - 5 pm

Host: Agora Gallery

Contact: 519-508-8700
Email: art@agoragallery.ca


AGORA GALLERY and the STRATFORD FESTIVAL have teamed up to bring you a wonderful new exhibition for the holiday season! AFTER THE CURTAIN CALL: A Celebration of Stratford Festival Artists includes drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and textile pieces by many artists who have worked behind the scenes at the Stratford Festival, including: Ruth Abernethy, Ann Baggley, Susan Benson, Mary-Jo Carter Dodd, Glenn Elliott, Ian Harper, Carolyn Horley, Lisa Hughes, Kevin Kemp, Chris Klein, Karen Mills, John Pennoyer, Cameron Porteous, Kathi Posliff, Heather Ruthig, Janet Shearn, Michael Wharran and Blair Yeomans. The exhibition provides a rare opportunity to see what all these creative people spend their time doing after the curtain call.  Photo Credit:  KATHI POSLIFF, Racing 2014, acrylic on panel, 12x12in.

Ten percent of all artwork sold will be donated to The Suchitoto Project, El Salvador.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

Cost: Free

Location: Agora Gallery, Stratford, 17 Market Place, Stratford

Website: agoragallery.ca

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