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The successful 2021 applications selected for co-investment

  • Stratford Dock Music
  • Artistic Dock Mural
  • Dayna Manning | Morning Light
  • Stratford Symphony Orchestra | Symphony in the Square
  • Hermione Presents ~ SpringWorks Festivals | PuppetWorks
  • Cycle Stratford | Perth County Cycling Tour
  • Here For Now Theatre Company
  • Stratford Summer Music | TORQ at Market Square & August Barge Events
  • Gallery Stratford | Art in the Trees
  • Stratford Perth Museum | Summer Music Festival
  • Stratford Open Mic in the Gardens

Check the full press release here:
The Stratford Destination Animation Project selects 12 unique cultural experiences to roll out in 2021

To create a unique cultural experience for visitors and residents, the Destination Animation Project (DAP) was established with investment from RTO4 , Stratford City Centre BIA and Destination Stratford, to enable and support feasible projects that are highly shareable and have high impact on the destination.

2021 is the 6th year of DAP and $35,000 is available for co-investment.

Applicants must be located in or in close proximity to Stratford and be a visitor friendly business/organization/establishment/event.

Eligible organizations include:

  • Tourism enterprises, BIA’s and businesses (as individual organizations or as a consortium) with interests in arts & culture, heritage, agri-culinary, sports, meetings & conventions, etc.
  • Festivals and Events
  • For-profit or non-profit organizations.

The project may be brand new or an enhancement and can be small or large in scale.

Applicants are welcome to submit multiple applications for different projects. Individual projects can submit for any amount from $500 to $10,000.

Ineligible requests include:

  • Capital/infrastructure expenses
  • Regular operational expenses
  • Charitable contributions

Following a review of eligibility, interested parties are to complete the online application form in its entirety.

2021 Project Parameters
With COVID-19 still significantly impacting operations the selection committee is taking a targeted approach to its call for applicants as it launches the 6th year of the Destination Animation Program.

While all applications are welcome the committee is looking to primarily invest in the following event/performance/projects:

  • Those that could utilize outdoor performance spaces and or be structured around them
  • Small performance groups
  • One off, pop-up or regularly scheduled programs
  • Those with health and safety planning for crowd control and pandemic restrictions

The reasoning behind this is:

  • Outdoor events allow for maximum ventilation and mitigate the uncertainty of indoor health restrictions
  • Avoids uncontrolled gathering of persons in large groups
  • Allows for logistical flexibility in the case of changes to local public health rules

Applicants can apply for a range of support:

  • Enhancements to existing animation operations
    • In-person or digital
    • Items that improve the visitor experience
  • PPE and physical hygiene measures
  • Storytelling
    • Capturing of content (photo/video)
    • Social media

The Selection Committee will evaluate applications against their given project scoring criteria.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline, April 23rd, 2021.

Any applications submitted after the deadline will be considered on a rolling basis at the discretion of the Selection Committee and pending resource availability.

Successful projects will be announced 1-2 weeks following the deadline.

Successful applications investments are then issued in two installments:

  1. The first 50% is issued following the signing of an MOU between DAP partners and successful applicant.
  2. The remaining 50% is issued following the completion of the selected event/project and submission of final reporting materials.
2021 Application Form Now Closed

In addition to DAP, other programs that may be of interest to applicants are:

Email the DAP team at dap@visitstratford.ca.