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Meaghan Evely - Saucier, Pazzo Taverna

Posted under Stratford's #nextgen Chefs on Apr 5, 2019

Pazzo Taverna

Meet Meaghan Evely, Saucier at Pazzo Taverna. Meaghan grew up in Tillsonburg and Woodstock, Ontario, where she perused her culinary career at an Italian franchise restaurant. She had the opportunity every Friday night to test out random ingredients that the kitchen manager would bring in -  comparable to a mini “chopped” episode - where she was able to cook her own creation for her manager. As a Stratford Chefs School grad, Meaghan explains how “the close-knit community of chefs is something to pay attention to. We’re all here to learn from each other and continuously grow, and that’s pretty inspiring.”

Age: 27

  1. Where did you grow up?
    1. I grew up in Tillsonburg and Woodstock.
  2. What or whom inspired you to pursue a culinary career?
    1. When I worked at the Italian Franchise Restaurant, I had a kitchen manager who previously went to culinary school. Every Friday one of the bartenders would bring in random ingredients (similar to the TV show Chopped) and have them make her lunch. I also craved the pressure and stress of high volume, but wanted to be more creative and learn new techniques.
  3. How has the culinary landscape of Stratford and area influenced your cooking?
    1. Having such a locally-source-driven community, I have really focused on how to respectfully bring the best out of what our farmers and producers provide. The close-knit community of chefs we have is also something to pay attention to. We’re all here to learn from each other and continuously grow, and that’s pretty inspiring.
  4. What dish are you most proud of creating?
    1. I have to give credit to Yva (Santini, Executive Chef) as well, as we feed each off of other. The dish I’m most proud of is our bacon wrapped stuffed rabbit saddle (braised leg, salsify, pickled cherries, carrots and sage) with king oyster and shitake mushrooms finished with a mushroom broth.
  5. What celebrity would you like to dine with and why?
    1. Celebrities are too hard to choose from. If I were to have a special dining experience, I would want to dine first class on the Titanic on the day it sank. There has been no record of a menu found from that night. And, (minus the sinking, of course) it would be pretty incredible to enjoy what could have been. Also, I am obsessed with the theatrics of fine dining, especially dating that far back.


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