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Jamie Crosby - Chef De Cuisine, The Prune

Posted under Stratford's #nextgen Chefs on May 23, 2019

The Prune 

Meet Jamie Crosby, Chef De Cuisine at The Prune. Jamie grew up in the Rural Huron County/ Bayfield area, where he coincidentally fell into his culinary career as a teenager. He started working at restaurants in Bayfield and he ended up liking it more and more. When it comes to the types of dishes Jamie enjoys cooking, he says “I like cooking a lot of classic dishes which I’m not really creating as much as I am executing them in my own way.” 

Age: 30 

1. Where did you grow up? 

Rural Huron County, Bayfield area.

2. What or whom inspired you to pursue a culinary career?

I coincidentally fell into my culinary career as a teenager, working in various restaurants in Bayfield. I continually started liking it more and more and went from there. I worked for a lot of chefs who inspired me to peruse my career and helped me pave the way to where I’ve ended up today.

3. How has the culinary landscape of Stratford and area influenced your cooking?

There are some really great farmers/producers in the Stratford and surrounding area. I am able to base a lot of the menu and dishes around their products.

4. What dish are you most proud of creating?

I can’t say that I have a set answer for this question. I get an idea for a dish, create a version of the dish, work on refining it to a point where I am proud of it and like it a lot. By the time I’m done, one of the products featured in the dish might be past its prime, seasonality-wise, or I get bored of the dish and decide to do something different. It’s definitely a passing fancy. I also like cooking a lot of classic dishes where I’m not creating as much as I’m executing them in my own way or putting my creative spin on them.

5. What celebrity would you like to dine with and why?

I would have to say Jerry Seinfeld. He would have funny anecdotes about the restaurant, service, and food. Also, I would try and get him to fork out some of his 900 million dollars to finance my own restaurant, haha.


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